This is me

Lord of the Rings enthuziast. Also Harry Potter, Transformers, Iron Man, Batman, Superman, all of the Avengers, Wolverine and the X-Men. And all the movies.


I love reading. That’s A Song of Ice and Fire, but I love everything.


These are my two cats(girl-4 yo and boy-5 yo) – now they’re 5 and 6 yo.


I’ll be forever alone because I don’t know how to not end up getting hurt in a relationship.


These are some of my friends. I call them “Veveritele”(Squirrels). My best friends live in Australia(the one with blue shirt) and Japan(the one with green shirt) and Romania(the one with curly hair and green eyes)

403326_10151091171533871_179093773_n   fetele

And this is me and my little sis.


2 thoughts on “This is me

  1. P.S.: Game of Thrones e serialul. Seria de carti se cheama A Song of Ice and Fire. Primul roman din serie se numeste A Game of Thrones, ce a fost inspiratie pentru numele serialului 🙂

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